"Ayurvila is not just a herbal product but stands for the fundamental principles of holistic living. It strengthens innate and adaptive parts of immunity as preventive care along with the ability to raise consciousness when taken with awareness and gratitude"

Ayurvilva HERBEARTH The Soul of Herbal Living


About Us

In 2013 Judy Satori’s visit to the plantation of Aegle Marmelos (Ek Vilvum) planted by Shri Patri Ji made her connect telepathically with the consciousness of the tree, which revealed its special energy for healing and regeneration. It wanted its leaves to be used for herbal healing for the good of humanity. A new plantation was raised and processed to formulate the herbal supplement in Raipur as per Dr. Shanker’s guidance by the Father-Son duo, Swaroopchand and Shailendra Jain.

The Impact

To produce this combination for global use and to help humanity in: Combating immune deficiency by boosting immune functioning. Sustaining the change in frequency resulting in DNA transformation. Acts on the Aura to build first line of defense.

Our Vision

With Ayurvilva we set out to change the state of global consciousness. We believe we are at a threshold of a profound change and seek your co-operation, together we can help humanity & build a better tomorrow.